Little Girls Bible Storybook (For Mothers & Daughters): A Book Review

There are lots (and lots!) of Bibles out there for kids, and it can be difficult to acquisition the appropriate one for your child. But I anticipate you'll acquisition that Little Girls Bible Storybook (for Mothers & Daughters) is different - and ideal for preschoolers. Aboriginal of all, the argument focuses on the animosity of the humans in the Bible, authoritative it easier for girls to chronicle to the stories. For another, the Bible belief (written by Carolyn Larsen) are told in a simple, absorbing fashion. Here's a sample:

"'Eve...Eve, deathwatch up,' the affable articulation whispered.

'Who is it? Who's there?' Eve mumbled, addition her accoutrements and fluctuant her toes for the actual aboriginal time.

'It's me...God...your creator. Open your eyes, candied child. There's anyone

I wish you to meet,' God aside again, a little louder this time.

Eve continued afresh and sat up. When she opened her eyes, she couldn't accept what she saw. 'Ohhh, it''s so beautiful!' Carefully aggravating her aboriginal legs, Eve ran through the garden, affecting things for the actual aboriginal time. 'What are these?' she cried, pointing at a bank of color..."

The illustrations by Caron Turk are aswell agreeable and creative. And like abounding developed Bibles, there are sections broadcast throughout that advice explain important attempt - and accord moms account on how to altercate these attempt with their daughters.

What I Like: The absolute approach. No stuffy, arid argument here. The illustrations are delightful, too. And the book encourages moms to get their daughters cerebration about how the Bible applies to their accustomed lives.

What I dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 6 - 9

Publishing Info: Baker Books, 1998; ISBN 0801044073; hardback; $16.99

Special Info: Aswell available: Little Girls Bible Storybook (for Fathers & Daughters), Little Boys Bible Storybook (for Mothers & Sons), and Little Boys Bible Storybook (for Fathers & Sons).