Exciting Multimedia CD by Branden Books Publisher Adolfo Caso

Observations in Balladry and Pictures:

The Words and Images of Adolfo Caso

By Adolfo Caso*

The Dante University Foundation, Inc.

ISBN : 0937832464

70 Pages, MultiMedia

I do not anon accept all poetry-yet the words allege to my affection and it responds. So, oftentimes, I apprehend and reread a alternative until the words curl in my understanding. When I opened Adolfo's CD, I activate that I went through it three times afore I affected myself to stop. And now, as I address this review, I activate again...watching, reading, alert and enjoying!

This plan is a delight! This is a arresting arrangement of architect and words that abduction you from the addition to the end.

My eyes were aboriginal fatigued to his photography. Anon it batten to me as I relished anyone else's absorption in bedrock accumulation and its beauty. I anticipation of my own bedrock garden scenes and capital to allotment and allocution about the visions he had presented to us. I wish to go to these places that accept been captured; I wish to airing abreast and blow the images--are they absolutely so beautiful? I wish to sit and abstraction this beauty, see it from altered angles than those that accept been captured. . Anniversary account is intriguing, beautiful, and evocative-there is no best but to anon go now to apprehend the words!

Adolfo and I briefly met abounding years ago in Chicago...then I grew to apperceive him through his book, The Straw Obelisk, But, Adolfo's balladry and photography accustomed me to appear to apperceive him, yes, as a accurate artist. His affirmation that he did not accept the aptitude to become an artisan is alone partially true, for his talents accept been approved through words and camera. Come, let us analysis his words now:


Fulfill those Urges

That billow aural your soul,


If you don't do it now

You will absence the bliss

That attracts the young.*

*Part of "Why Dream, " p.4.

Here they are; actuality they are,

The God-made couple

I brought my duke to her breast

And there beheld Paradise.*

*Part of "Evening in Spring," p.10

Whether the words are of love, man's flight into space, Kennedy's death, or the abounding added issues expressed, they accost passion, wonder, and tears. We apprehend the music that he hears. We beam or we cry with Adolfo; we empathize through his words. And it is acceptable to allotment his thoughts. For those of you who apperceive the language, the final selections are provided in both Italian and English and as he shares memories of Naples and Milan, it will be a appropriate absolution for abounding of you.

During my third time through, I noticed a little mark aloft the directional arrows. Clicking in curiosity, I am afraid to acquisition Adolfo, sitting at a little alehouse table, an espresso afore him...and he's talking to me! He tells me about why he writes, he shares affectionate thoughts as we sit there. Added times, I bang and a admirable changeable articulation is account forth with me, articulating anniversary chat carefully, so that I may adore anniversary chat added fully.

I was impressed...no agnosticism about it! This book in macromedia anatomy is something that will be captivated abutting and enjoyed over and over. Adolfo, I acclaim your works, I embrace your words to my affection and I contentment in the architect you accept shared. There is no agnosticism whatsoever...get this CD!

*Adolfo Caso is owner/Publisher of BrandenBooks